About BrandLucid Influencer Marketing Platform

There are so many websites dealing with digital marketing and social media marketing. They cover a range of topics. But we focus on a major business strategy- influencer marketing. We might be the new kid on the block, but we have absolutely no dearth of experienced technical specialists who excel in this field. This kind of work takes a lot of analysis and research and we have just the right team for it! We have been building solid connections with influencers from different fields and this will in future help us give our clients a plethora of options when it comes to picking the right person for the job!

We go through details and all these steps rather meticulously, because we believe in giving clients the ultimate user experience!

We plan to utilize Search engine optimization to find out the correct person for the job! It is very important that every brand finds the correct person to endorse it. The correct person must believe in the brand and whole heartedly support their motion! That is our main aim. To hook you up with the right person who will have a strong belief in your product! They will be able to give you enough time and commitment and strike an acceptable deal for endorsement!

BrandLucid Process



Who are the targets for Influencer Marketing? Develop List of Influencers.Prioritize Influencers.



Develops Influencer Personas
Identify Releven Content Persona
Develop relevent messaging



Begin Influencer outreach to build relationships
Get Insights from the influencers



Weekly,Monthly,Quarterly Emails
Adjust and Improve Campaigns over time.

Our Vision

We want to provide you with the best service available for your needs.

Brand Awareness

We will provide you with a dedicated team working only on your project. They will do thorough research on your needs and the kind of representation that would be beneficial for you.

Brand Boost

We want to make sure that we help you boost your brand name and also amplify your potential!

Brand Endorsement

Help you leave a mark on the digital market by hooking you up with the best person for endorsement.

Come up with a good strategy and efficient usage of time and monetary resources.


What We Do Best

Audience Value

Personal Influence

Brand Equity

Audience Reach

Brand Study

User Generated Content

Performance Measurement

Reporting & Analytics

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