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Influencer Marketing Platform where Brands and Social Media Influencers / Creators collaborate together to produce branded content on Twitter,Facebook,YouTube, Instagram.

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Our Services

BrandLucid want to make sure that we help you boost your brand name and also amplify your potential!

Influencer Marketing

We have one of the best networks for engaging the right influencers on the right platform to give an extra edge to your brand.

Micro Influencer Marketing

Not every influencer is made for every product! We are specialized in adding value to the brands connect with us.

Social Media Sponsored Content

We use SEO and required keywords that the article is read by most. This gives the reader can hold accountable.

Digital Advertising

Sometimes businesses mess up with the Digital advertising and pay dearly. At BrandLucid, we take the burden upon ourselves! 

Facebook Influencer Marketing

BrandLucid possess all-round potential in Facebook and supported major brands to propel in through Facebook Influencer marketing.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

BrandLucid has a wide range of YouTube influencers who offer creative services for various business sectors. Connect with the right influencers.

Let's Work Together!

Help you leave a mark on the digital market by hooking you up with the best person for endorsement.